Tips to get ready for College
A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students .
1. Brace yourself for newness
Whether you are going to the hometown college or heading across the country, college is a time of change. If you are leaving home for the first time, it is especially different, with your parents not around to take care of things for you and give you advice, and no set of house rules to follow. But no matter who you are, college is a major life transition. You are leaving the familiar and broaching the unfamiliar. You are being exposed to many different types of people and ways of thinking, which changes how you view the world and yourself. Know that things may feel uncomfortable for awhile
2. Maintain your support system
Who are you closest to? Maintain those ties and do not be afraid to lean on your support system when you need to. The first semester or year of college can be overwhelming in good and bad ways, and you may sometimes need people outside of your college friends and classmates to talk to. Even if you are eager to be on your own, stay in touch with the people in your life who have your best interests at heart and are there for you when you need support
3. Learn to manage your time well
Poor time management will be your worst enemy in college. Start off on the right foot by getting a handle on your schedule, buying a planner, and USING that planner. Don
4. Know that you may need help from time to time
The transition to college may be more difficult than you expect. Before the first day even begins, scope out the services that can help you through
5. Teach yourself life skills you
On your own for the first time? If you have never been a morning person, now is the time to practice getting up early. If you are bad at budgeting, laundry, or cooking, do not wait until adulthood to learn. Do not let lifes to-dos sneak up on you and cause you stress. And remember that its important to take care of yourself at college. Strive for balance in all that you do

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