Tips to get ready for Graduation
A Graduation is the receiving or conferring of an academic degree or diploma.
1. Start thinking about what kind of dress you want for the dance
Take in consideration the dress code. Most schools have a dress code for the dance.What color do you want it be ? How long do you want it to be? Do you want straps on it or not?
2. Start thinking about a date
Do you want to go with Your boyfriend? Or your best friends?
3. Buy your shoes and undergarments to go with your dress
Also buy jewelry, purses, and anything else you might want. If you graduation is on a field, don't wear heels.Your shoes will get stuck in the grass.
4. Make sure your documents are in order
Theres nothing worse than arriving on campus only to learn important documents are either incomplete or missing. Make sure all of your student and financial aid forms are complete and on file at your school, before the semester starts. In addition, make an appointment with your academic adviser, sign and return all scholarship or loan agreement forms, and where possible, set up your student account with the bursars office and make an early tuition payment. Failure to do these, and on time, could cause some major difficulties when you arrive on campus.
5. Learn about your classmates
Now is a good time to find out about your new classmates, and establishing relationships with other students before you arrive on campus will help you feel more at home when you get there. You can access information about the admitted class on the school's website. Ask the admissions office to put you in touch with other admits. Try to organize or help facilitate a get-together with other students in your area.

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