Tips to get ready for Office
An office is generally a room or other area where administrative work is done.
1. Prepare Yourself
Every candidate, even veterans of the political process, must take a personal inventory before each election to be sure that private and family issues are taken care of before the campaign starts. This includes making sure that the candidate does not have any financial, personal, or legal issues which may come up and hurt him or her during the campaign. The candidate should also make sure that he or she can make the time commitment and family commitment that running for and holding office entails.
2. Start Your Research
Running a successful campaign requires mound of research, even in the smallest districts. The candidate should gather all the information he or she can, including past election data, maps of the precincts and polling places, election regulations for your community, voter lists, research on issues important for your race, and information about your possible opponents.
3. Go to Meetings
One of the best ways to learn about issues and meet community activists at the same time is to the meetings of every local group that you can. This includes meetings for the local Republican party, as well as community organizations, service groups, town watch committees, town council meetings, and anywhere that issues of import are discussed and local leaders congregate.
4. Meet with Leaders
Your Orientation Leaders will help guide you through the Orientation process and beyond.
5. Meet the Press
Equally important to meeting local leaders is meeting the local press. Establishing a good report with local editors, producers and reporters will help the campaign garner earned media further down the road.

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