Tips to get ready for Study Abroad
Study Abroad is a program in which students attend school in a country outside the United States .
1. Google your new town
You can find more information on their holidays, their weather, and their population. Use Google Street to get a real life view of the towns streets. Its good to picture yourself walking there, imagine yourself smiling and having the time of your life.
2. Get the insider info
Try to contact a previous participant for your program or a student from the foreign university. Offer to buy them a coffee and ask them any questions you might have about the school and town. Do not forget to ask about the clothing suggestions they might have or any good phrases and traditions to remember.
3. Purchase any items of clothing you might need
A great example would be for a Californian to go to Sweden in the middle of winter. You will need a lot of unusual gear to survive the winter or even the summer. Make it part of your research to determine what is something you will absolutely need. Maybe snow gloves, maybe even a new bikini. Try not to buy a whole new wardrobe since you could use the money to travel abroad or the luggage space but buy the essentials.
4. Bring something small from home
Sometimes even pictures, a small toy, and your favorite candy does the trick. You can always have someone send a care package with any other goodies you suddenly realize you absolutely need. A good tip is to have someone fill a $15 international 4lb flat rate USPS box with trinkets from home. You have to remember most American items tend to run pretty pricey compared to being purchased in America. A good example is peanut butter, which is pretty pricey everywhere else in the world. If you cannot live with out it, take a little bit to cheer you up when homesick.
5. Pack thinking about mix and matching
Do not pack something you can only wear twice during your stay. Make sure you take at least a whole week's worth of outfits and think of at least two ways of combining those to create a new one. You will have a whole three weeks of outfits that way. Try to make your combinations so they can be used once in winter and once in summer. Do not take super expensive clothing since you will be using it A LOT and it will deteriorate or get lost but make sure it's good quality to last a long time. Leave enough space to bring some stuff back too. Don't buy souvenirs that are too big but do bring memories from abroad with you. You will miss it when you are back. You can sell your clothes before coming home to make more souvenir money too.

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