Tips to get ready for Summer
Summer is the warmest of the four temperate seasons, falling between spring and autumn.
1. Buy the things
you will need like sun screen or season passes to a theme park. Buy cool clothes and accessories that are IN this season so you will look totally stylish. If you are on a tight budget then stay close to home.
2. Keep it simple
You will feel very lazy during the summer, so do not wear a lot of makeup, but still, take care of yourself. Wear some waterproof mascara, full coverage foundation(be sure to take it off at night),add a small amount of blush to give you a shimmering glow, and do not forget lip gloss (you will want your lip gloss that blends with your lips).
3. Sign yearbooks
All you need to say is,I hope you have a good summer and I hope to see you next year! Then sign your first and last name. If you do not want to say much to a person you do not like all you need to do is just sign your first name.
4. Take pictures
Buy a camera. Its good to make a photo album so you can visit memories whenever you want.
5. Get into some classes for the summer
Do not waste this season watching TV every day. Get into crafts classes, swimming classes or even dancing classes. Anything that can keep you from spending hours watching TV.

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