Tips to get ready for xmas
The word Christmas comes from the old English Cristes maesse meaning Christs Mass.
1. Start Now if You Can
Now means any time you decide or plan to do something. One guaranteed way to create stress is procrastination. Do it or write it down because once written down it is out of your head (leaving your head clear for more great ideas) and theres such a kick in ticking off completed jobs.
2. Menus
Draw up menus for all the meals you plan to make over the Christmas holidays well in advance, including all drinks, breakfasts and snacks. Starting this task early gives you time to look at new ideas, search out Christmas recipes and change your mind or amend if circumstances or guest numbers change.
3. Recipes
Found the recipes you want, read the recipes, then read them again. There's nothing worse than realizing on Christmas Eve you are missing a vital ingredient, pan, or worse, you do not know how to do it.Choose or check recipes to see if dishes can be made in advance and frozen or how long they will keep once cooked so they can be prepared one or two days in advance.
4. The Shopping List
Shopping is one of the biggest jobs at Christmas, so to simplify the task make a master shopping list of everything you will need, including any new cooking equipment.Divide the list into perishable and non perishable goods including wines and spirits. Buy all non-perishable goods, wines and spirits well in advance as many supermarkets and shops stock them as early as October. Many online wine and drinks companies will sell wines in mixed cases and will recommend wines suitable for Christmas food so use their expertise. They also deliver, one less job to do.Order any specialist goods (perishable and non-perishable) well in advance and check if they deliver. Perishable goods do not need to be bought on Christmas Eve. Buy them a day or two before and store them in the refrigerator or a cool, frost free place.
5. Do not be Over ambitious
This in one area where many fall down by taking on too much to do in too short a time. Pull back and be realistic in balancing what is required in the kitchen and everywhere else (gift-wrapping, housework, kids and family).Christmas cooking and all it involves is not a time to start experimenting with new techniques. If you have never made bread, now is not the time to start.

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