Tips to succeed in Exams
The first and most basic point is to make a solid revision plan.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Set your goal
Manage your time
Identify your learning style
Develop a study plan
Keep up with reading
Develop effective note taking techniques
Attend classes regularly
Create mind maps
Surround yourself with learning
Work with concentration
Apply memory techniques
Use all your intelligences
Understand your study topics in your own words
Dont be afraid to ask study questions
Quiz yourself
Get Creative with online study tools
Set your study goals and create a flexible study plan
Make use of mnemonics
Build Interest
Change your study environment
Do not procrastinate
Trust yourself and your memory
Try the verbal approach
Study well in advance
Before the Final Exam
During the Exam
Reward Yourself
Organise your time
Overview your work
Creating a Study Plan
Studying for the Exam
Sleep well before the exam
Reading Time
Question Requirements
Plan you Answers
After the Exam
Look at past papers
Essay style questions
Short answer questions

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