Tips to succeed in Exams
The first and most basic point is to make a solid revision plan.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Set your goal
Read the course overview to understand what the course will cover and how it will be scored. Identify your goal in concrete terms and put it in writing to strengthen your resolve.

Overview your work
Develop a study plan
Trust yourself and your memory
Develop effective note taking techniques
Before the Final Exam
Make use of mnemonics
Attend classes regularly
Understand your study topics in your own words

  • Test your English Language
  • Comics of the Day
  • Class 9 - Area of Parallelogram and Triangles
  • Precautions while using Microwaves
  • Precautions while using Internet Banking
  • Awesome Looking White Animals
  • Best Places to Celebrate Xmas
  • Myth about Alcohol
  • Snow White
  • jyotirlinga
  • Tips for Smart Work
  • Class 8 - Geography Resource and Development
  • Makeover Tips for Lips
  • Mind Blowing Beauty Tricks
  • Horse Breeds
  • Largest Wrestlers in WWE History
  • Awesome Gifts For Christmas
  • Class 9 - Triangle and Its Angles
  • Reykjavik
  • World Architecture
  • Vasant Panchami
  • 101 Rainy Day Ideas
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