Tips to succeed in Love
There is an art and science to building strong relationships. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Get clear
Set forth your intentions
Seek out necessary resources
Push beyond your limitations
Go above and beyond
Take action now
He sees love as a journey
He is not in a hurry
He holds out for the best
He understands the paradox of generosity
He keeps his balance
He sees his life as a self
Up the numbers
Make peace with your sexuality
Walk the walk
Love well
Create a safe environment for sharing
Separate the facts from the feelings
Create a we that can house two Is
Develop Compassion
Partner heal thyself
Relish the differences between you
Ask questions
Make time for your relationship
Say the hard things from love
Connect with the different parts of yourself
Improve your social skills
Talk to each other
Listen to each other
Make repair attempts
Everyone is different
Enjoy the time spent together
Maintain your independence
Try to make him happy

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