Tips to succeed in Presentation
Presentations are mostly practiced by students and professionals, and they are a great way to convey. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Build a story
Keep it relevant
Cut your intro
Begin with an eye opener
Keep it short and sweet
Use facts not generalities
Customize for every audience
Simplify your graphics
Keep backgrounds in the background
Use readable fonts
Dont get too fancy
Check your equipment in advance
Speak to the audience
Never read from slides
Dont skip around
Leave humor to the professionals
Avoid obvious wormholes
Skip the jargon
Make it timely
Prepare some questions
Have a separate handout
He tells a good story
He doesnt use jargon
Finally he has fun
Powerful Opening
Team Question and Answer Session
Close with an Impact
Do your homework
Star Tip
Play the parts
Do a dry run
Look presentable
Talk dont read
Take it slow
Extra Pointer
Use aids
Dont bury the crowd
Be yourself
Play it straight
Circle the crowd
Appear relaxed
Professors Perspective
Finish strong
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