Tips to succeed in Sales
The secret to success in sales lies in creating value for your customer. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Never Give 100 percent
The customer should never hear your entire sales presentation! If you have to deliver the whole thing to make a sale, you either havent developed a very good presentation or you shouldnt be selling. The purpose of the sales presentation is to assist you, the salesperson. It is not so you can assist the fancy, glossy sales materials or the super slick PowerPoint presentation.
Great salespeople never have to deliver their entire presentation because theyve taken the time to over prepare. Theyve built sales materials around any type of concern they may face and are ready to deal with an objection should it arise.

Holiday Networking
Covet your time
Sales Advocates
Hand Written Business Cards
Benchmark Your Sales Goal
Know the Influencer
Uncover New Benefits
Learn the Customer

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