Tips to succeed in Weight Loss
How can I lose weight? Here's expert advice for losing weight and burning fat fast! . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Dine anytime
Its a myth that youll gain weight as a direct result of eating after 7 p.m. I see many busy professionals at my private practice, and they often get home late. This doesnt mean that they should skip dinner if theyre trying to lose weight.Many times, people stop eating by 5 p.m., which results in overeating the following day. This cycle is not ideal as it shuts down your metabolism. You should eat 70% of your calories before dinnertime and 30% at dinner, whatever time that may be. Just give yourself at least 90 minutes to end your meal before you plan to go to sleep. You need at least 90 minutes to digest so you can sleep comfortably.

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