Top American Roadside Attractions
Top American Roadside Attractions . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
The Spud Drive
Precious few drive in movie theaters remain in the U.S., holdovers from the 1950s and 60s, when high schoolers went on first dates and families enjoyed cheap, kid friendly entertainment. But, thankfully, not all of the outdoor theaters have met their demise. The Spud Drive In has been showing flicks since the summer of 1953. But whats really notable about Spuds is Old Murphy, a 1946 Chevy truck that has a 2 ton potato on the back. Its parked in front of the screen and is more of a draw than the movies. Its not a real potato, of course, just a painted potato shaped blob of concrete, but that doesnt stop tourists from snapping photos with the famous spud.

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