Top Most Powerful Armies In The World
Top Most Powerful Armies In The World.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Sometimes it takes a real shock for a country to realise that they are not the strongest military in the world or even in their local area. It is only when there are other countries that are starting to struggle to protect themselves that you realise just how weak and vulnerable you really are. That is what has been happening to Turkey over the last few months. We have all seen the headlines, following the advancement of ISIS. They have been using violence to really terrify those around them, and that means that countries that border other countries where IS has a strong presence are in great danger. In the case of Turkey, however, they have responded well. Instead of scaremongering, or causing their people to panic, they have decided to meet the problem head on, and invest almost 10% more in 2015 than they did in 2014 for their global firepower and army. They also have almost a thousand aircraft in the wings, waiting to see what happens. There is also an ongoing conflict in Syria, and just in the case of IS, anger and violence can easily overspill across borders into another country. This is not what Turkey wants to see happen, and hopefully they won t have to.

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