unhealthy habits that will cost you dearly

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Unhealthy Habits That Will Cost You Dearly

1. Not Sleeping Enough
Numerous studies have pointed out the dangerous effects of not having enough sleep every night. From dizziness to obesity and a whole host of problems, your lost sleep is harming you in more deadly ways than you can ever imagine. Aim for 7 hours of sleep every night!
2. Not Drinking Enough Water
Another habit that we fail to keep a check on is the amount of water we consume through the day. Having anything less than 3 to 4 litres is a recipe for disaster as your bodyneeds that much waterto function at its optimum level. Do this for just a few days and you will see the difference.
3. Not Breathing Correctly
The most important activity of our lives is also the most underrated. Excessive pollution and garbage has made us close our noses in public and resort to erratic breathing at other times. Breathing correctly is the first step to a healthy heart and body, and if you are breathing anywhere above your stomach you need to learn how to draw full breaths.
4. Eating Too Much Sugar And Salt
Sodium and sugar are the biggest silent killers out there. From fluctuating blood pressure to bloating and rampant obesity, our processed food is full of excess sugar and salt that is nothing but toxin to your body. Resolve to eat healthy at all times even if it means sacrificing your taste buds. Your body will thank you for it.
5. Eating Too Much Or Too Little
Not being able to judge how much food we need is another lifestyle habit we suffer from. Eating in front of a TV or computer screen disorients our mind even more. Ensure that you chew your food properly and take time to eat. Learning how much food you need to eat is essential to keep your body healthy.
6. Having Bad Hygiene Habits
Whether it is biting your nails, not brushing properly or simply having a casual attitude to cleanliness, bad hygiene often doesnt strike in its first attempt but if it gets in, you better be ready for a slugfest. Update yoursense of hygieneif you want to live healthier.
7. Wearing Headphones All Day
No, we arent kidding. Headphones wrapped around your head all day results in bacteria around your ears. Worse, hearing music at a loud volume can damage your hearing permanently. Never increase the volume of your earpiece while commuting too. Invest in noise-cancelling headphones and limit the time you spend with your headphones.
8. Not Walking Out Of A Bad Relationship
This is more for mental peace of mind than anything else. After all, being in a bad relationship will only result in stress and frustration no matter what else you do. Whether it is your boss or your best friend or evenyour girlfriendor wife, if you feel you are stuck with any of them, then be frank and get out of the relationship. You might be saving more than yourself.
9. Being A Perfectionist All The Time
Perfectionism is a myth. No matter how well-made something is, there is always someone willing to criticize it. Stop being a perfectionist and instead change your strategy to doing the absolute best that you can do. Dont push yourself too much and dont harass others in the name of perfectionism. A calm and peaceful life is better than a life of chasing perfection unto eternity.
10. Not Devoting Time To Your Hobbies
Our daily lives are so absorbing in themselves that we like to do nothing but laze around when we have any time to ourselves. Stop binging on the latest TV series and surfing the Internet aimlessly and look towards devoting some quality time towards your hobbies, be it painting or learning a new skill or even writing your own book. Be an inspiration unto yourself and watch how your mind and body reward you with ideas and good health.

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