Valentine Day Cards
Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love, the most beautiful feeling in the world.
1. Pull Their Heartstrings
An airplane chased by a lovey dovey contrail, a heart shaped lock with skeleton key, two little lovebirds sitting on a wire these garland style cards simply require ribbon, cord, or twine. Mixing patterned and solid color papers helps create contrast and adds visual interest.
2. Accordion Envelope Card
This accordion card gives you an opportunity to celebrate your sweetheart s many virtues, call up special memories, and showcase tiny trinkets. Fill the envelopes with handwritten notes, assorted mementos, and little presents such as gift cards or movie tickets.
3. Pop Up Cards
When you really care, you just have to get all up in their faces and these pop up cards pack a loving punch.
4. Chalkboard Valentine Photo Card
A chalkboard valentine allows for countless changes of heart. Make the prop out of foam board covered with chalkboard self adhesive paper. Write a message for one love, take a picture, and then erase it and write another note. Mail or email the photos.
5. Clip Art Cards
A crush can be more powerful than a locomotive. It can also be as sweet as a hand delivered note, or as cheerily optimistic as an upturned mailbox flag. These clip art illustrations require a few simple cuts and a couple of pieces of tape. The little envelope acts as a card within a card, containing a secret love note or special gift card.

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