Valentines Day Activity Ideas
Enjoy Valentine's Day fun with your kids! Find great crafts, activities, recipes, party ideas.
1. Made Dinner At Home
Make this day all about you and your boo. Instead of going out to eat a meal, hire a personal chef to cook up both of your favourite dishes.Depending on the chef, rates can start anywhere from 40 an hour and go up from there.
2. Have Dinner In Bed
Staying in bed all day eating your favourite foods sounds like a good time any day of the year. On V Day, it doesnt just have to be able breakfast treat your honey to their favourite meal in bed.To help with the time, we say order in. Depending on your taste, you could go burgers and fries or something a bit more fancy.
3. Watch movie Together
Learn new sex moves and pick up a few dirty lines. It might not be for everyone, but watching porn together is a one way to get the mood going for the rest of the night. And yes, there are many kinds to best work for you and your partners comfort levels. Stop by your local adult video store and pick up a few of your favourite titles. And well, lets just say you can also get away with streaming movies online.
4. Take A Dance Class
Theres nothing sexier than taking a dance class with your special someone. This Valentines Day, book a dance session think tango, salsa and the cha cha with a local dance studio and then practice your moves at home.Fepending on the type of dance class and studio, costs can start anywhere from 20 an hour. If youre looking for a deal, group buying sites often have promotions for drop ins.
5. Make An Indoor Garden
Flowers are so overrated and often expensive during the month of love. If youre looking for a way to spend the afternoon together, try planting a few seeds or flowers to create your very own garden indoors.Most home and garden stores should still carry indoor plants, seeds and pots.

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