Valentines Day Cake Ideas
Valentine's Day Dessert recipes and home made Cake to make each and every Valentine's meal special.
1. Penguin Cake
Sweet and simple. This Penguin Cake will win their heart. Easy buttercream icing and a fondant cutout heart make it super easy to decorate an adorable Valentines Day themed cake thats sure to warm their hearts.
2. L O V E Cake
Do we have to spell it out for you? We LOVE cake, and you. We love you, too. Thats why this easy L O V E cake pan is perfect for Valentines Day and celebrating those that you love most.
3. Strawberry Cake
Send a sweet treat arrow straight to their heart with this luscious chocolate covered strawberry cake. Layers of rich chocolate cake are surrounded, both inside and out, with strawberry buttercream, thats then topped off with chocolate ganache and chocolate covered strawberries. Get ready to fall in love.
4. Love Heart Cake
What could make a heart shaped, chocolate buttercream iced cake even sweeter? Decorate this Valentines cake with rosebuds in five shades of red. Use the Wilton Heart Pan to bake the cake.
5. A Perfect Fit Cake
No need to puzzle over the way these fondant pieces fit together. Position some of the hearts, then use your cookie cutter to remove overlapping areas in an inlay fashion.

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