Valentines Day Chocolates Ideas
All the sweets, and sweet ideas, for celebrating Valentine's day with your loved one.
1. The Love Tower
John And Kiras famous hand painted chocolate ladybugs also known to some as the love bug is just the thing to give your special someone for Valentines Day. These little chocolates are filled with mint and raspberry, and honey lavender ganaches.
2. Red Satin Heart
Gifting chocolates in a red heart box on Valentines Day has definitely been done before but that doesnt mean that it shouldnt be done again and again. And when that red heart box is filled with Frans chocolate truffles and sweet caramels, that is a gift definitely worth giving.
3. Coco Passion Assortment Box
Harbor Sweets started as a small venture and now has stores all over the country due to the high quality of their sweets. This Coco Passion box contains sweet sloops a sailboat shaped almond butter crunch and a selection of all dark chocolates from Harbor Sweets classics collection.
4. Cigars And Hearts
While often times we dont think of gifting a box of chocolates for men, sometimes they deserve a bit of sweets too. And with a box of rum flavored chocolate cigars and rum spiked chocolate hearts, you can be sure that you have found just the right sweets for him.
5. Frans Love And Thanks Gift Box
This box set is in honor of Japans chocolate giving tradition on Valentines Day, where it is customary for woman to gift chocolates to the men they appreciate in their life. The box contains tas de noix, which are a combination of organic roasted macadamia nuts and soft buttery caramel dipped in dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

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