Valentines Day Class Room Party Ideas
list of a few fun things to do for Valentine's Classroom Party Ideas.
1. Giant Heart Tic Tac Toe
Create a tic tac toe game board with a red poster and a few handmade heart bean bags. You could make a few of these so 4 6 kids could be playing all at the same time.
2. Valentine Heart Airplanes
Whip up a few of these for a craft and then have the kids fly them to see who can hit a heart target across the room. Hearts will be flying.
3. Heart Healthy Exercise
This is one of my favorites,I do it almost every year. The kids get into it and it will keep them going for a good 10 minutes. And the kids are exercising, even better.If youd like to download a free printable version of this board, visit Fantastic Find who created one the kids can take home.
4. Valentine Heart Puzzles
You can make these ahead of time and the kids have to figure them out, or this can be a fun craft for the kids. Maybe have the kids swap puzzles and try to put each others puzzles back together.
5. Hide and Seek the Heart
Again, with the same handmade bean bags from the tic tac toe game, you can play a game of hide and seek. This is best done with the whole class. Have one child leave the room. Another child will hide the heart, and then the first child will come in and find it. The other children can help by saying hot or cold.

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