Valentines Day Dessert Recipes
The Valentine's Day dessert recipes perfect for your loved ones.
1. Chocolate mousse cupcakes
It is Saturday. And I am going to kill you with Chocolate. Okay. Of course I am not going to kill you. But you might just die sitting and looking at these frawesome freaking+awesome cupcakes. Dont you just wish you had one of these beauties in your hands right now? Cmon. I know you want it. Thats okay. I have no self control either. Not when 2 of my favorite desserts are combined into one. As if discovering the secret to Eggless Chocolate Mousse werent enough, I had to go ahead and fill up some homemade chocolate cupcakes with this mousse. And still my craving for the 2 didnt reduce so I frosted them with the mousse too. I feel like I just stole all of Willy Wonkas Chocolate and made one of the most deliciously infectious cupcakes.
2. Eggless chocolate mousse
Im having a Eureka moment here, folks. Did you know that folding in whipped cream in a pudding mixture and then setting it to chill will give you a wonderfully rich and airy mousse? Neither did I not until I tried this recipe. And then everything changed. I was happy and content with my Instant Chocolate Mousse. But lets face it not everyone has access to marshmallows, let alone the vegan vegetarian kind. I feel like Im doing a great service to the vegetarian people by sharing this recipe. Try this and then come back here to thank me.
3. Double chocolate cupcakes
Thats all right. Go ahead and kiss the computer screen. I know youre writhing in chocolicious ecstasy right now. In fact, I would be flattered if you did that. You see when I set out to make these double chocolate cupcakes, my aim was to treat all the chocoholics of the world with a simple, no nonsense recipe to what I believed would be THE CUPCAKE that would change the face of baking.

And of course, I did come up with THE CUPCAKE recipe that would totally knock your socks off. Ive made a couple kinds of cupcakes before and they all are fantastic in their own way. But dear mister miss if you had to choose from all the great recipes on Foodomania, do yourself a favor and make one two many batches of my eggless double chocolate cupcakes.

4. Strawberry Cookies and Cream
This is the kind of dessert that makes you wonder you know, AFTER youve made it why people dont make this all the time for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Besides obviously being such a visual treat, it will keep your tongue tingling . even hours after youve relished every bit.Use fresh strawberries when they are in season to make my super easy homemade stewed strawberries. Trust me, they taste amazing with a dollop of whipped cream. Im sure yall have heard of Strawberries And Cream. Well, this is one way of serving that combination with extra crunchiness of Oreo Cookies.
5. Sizzling chocolate brownies
I know. Sometimes I am too much. I cant help myself. There is something so damningly good about chocolate that I feel like I am getting lost in the world of mouthwatering ecstasy. Do you feel that too? Please tell me I am not the only foodie weirdo here. If you have never experienced foodvana that is my word for a comatose state only achievable by mass consumption of awesome food, then you really really should be making this amaaaaaazing brownie plate. Really.

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