Valentines Day Games
Have fun this Valentine's Day with our collection of Valentine's Day games and activities.
1. Heart Messages
Let your family know all day long how much you care by sending them some heart messages! Cut out a stack of hearts from pink, red, and white paper, write some little messages on them, and hide them in unexpected places. Put them in jacket pockets, in briefcases and satchels, in shoes, in lunch boxes, in cereal bowls, under pillows, tucked into pyjamas.
2. Valentine Video
Capture the kids on film for Valentine s Day. Make it something you do every year and you will have a brilliant record of them growing up.
3. Cupid Says
Play Cupid Says instead of Simon Says with little kids. Include some Valentine s Day ideas such as Give me a kiss or Give someone a hug .
4. Take a Valentine s Day Bath
Colour the bath water pink or red with a little food colouring the kids will love it! Cut some hearts out of craft foam and use them to decorate the sides of the bathtub. If you cut them out of different colours and make them different sizes, you can order them and sort them too.
5. A Special Valentine Message
You can put folded Valentine messages into balloons and fill the balloons with helium or attach them to the ceiling with tape. Leave all of the message slips blank except for one. On the one winning message, write Youre in luck Valentine. Attach ribbons to the bottom of the balloons to make them easy to reach. Towards the end of the party allow your guests to pull down the balloons and stomp them to check if their balloon has the winning message inside. The person who gets the written Valentine message is the winner of the game and gets a special prize box of chocolates, etc. The balloons are also a pretty way to decorate your party room.

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