Valentines Day Ideas for Couples
Romantic ways to show your love on Valentine's Day .
1. A personalized wake up call
Snuggling your partner and waking him her up with a kiss might not be possible in a long distance relationship. But you can certainly take advantage of modern technology and internet services to wake up your sweetheart with love. Wake him her up with a sweet voice message or wake him up on video chat on Skype.
2. Give a surprise
This is the best of all options, if possible! If your sweetheart stays at some place where it is possible for you to go and give him her a surprise, nothing would be better than that. Plan in advance, go give a surprise and spend the special day with your loved one.
3. Make a video or a slideshow
This may not work for everybody, but this is one of the easiest and personalized ways of telling your partner how special he she is for you. Make a video or a slideshow of some of your most memorable moments with some funny captions for each picture and bring a smile to your partners face.
4. A candlelight dinner date
Who says you cannot have a dinner date if your boyfriend or girlfriend resides in some other city? Skype and other video conferencing options can help you set up a beautiful candlelight dinner with your partner. Although it might not be the same experience as being there with him her physically, it will at least give you the satisfaction of spending some quality time with your partner.
5. A special delivery
With a number of online gift services, you can send your sweetheart anything you want. Be it cards, flowers, clothes, accessories or any other object your partner desires, fulfill his her wish and buy it online and deliver it on his her address. Some web portals also deliver these gifts at the stroke of midnight or early in the morning according to your specification.

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