Weird Birds
Weird Birds are one of the most unusual creations that we have in this world.
1. Marabou Stork
Where They Can Be Found Africa What Makes Them Strange With a face only a mother could love, the Marabou Stork looks just plain strange. Growing up to 20 pounds, these oddballs have a bald head and long beak, perfect for scavenging. Like the vulture, their featherless head has adapted to allow them to root through corpses and other waste without creating too much of a mess. Lovely.
2. Ribbon Tailed Astrapia
Where They Can Be Found New Guinea What Makes Them Strange Just look at their tail! The Ribbon Tailed Astrapia draws its name from the unusual long tail feathers which drape over its backside. At upwards of a metre in length, the male
3. Superb Bird of Paradise
What Makes Them Strange This is one bird that loves the ladies. Actually, since there is typically a low population of females to mate with, the male Superb Bird of Paradise has to put in a massive extra effort just to get their attention. After meticulously creating a stage (by cleaning up leaves, dirt and debris around him) the Superb Bird of Paradise will let out a mating call, and proceed to perform one of the most unusual, amazing dances in the animal kingdom. Puffing his chest out and forming a symmetrical crest with his feathers, the bird will hop about rhythmically, hoping to seduce his would-be lady bird. Words can
4. Sri Lanka Frogmouth
What Makes Them Strange Well, they have a frog
5. Kagu
What Makes Them Strange Tiny, grey and ground dwelling, despite having wings these birds lack the muscles necessary to fly. Now nearly engendered, the poor Kagu is constantly on the run from predators. When threatened the Kagu will often puff out his crest and wings in a gesture to ward off potential threats.

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