Weird Bollywood Movie Names
Bollywood is also formally referred to as Hindi cinema.
1. Ghanchakkar
The latest addition to the team weird, Ghanchakkar stars Vidya Balan and Emran Hashmi. A comic caper tells the story of a thief who executes a master robbery successfully and forgets where hes hidden the booty. Ghanchakkar literally means crazy. A rather quirky title to an even quirky plot, the film sure seems promising. But the title... weird eh
2. Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola
As if long titles werent easy for Indian audiences to pronounce, Vishal Bhardwaj decided to make it an even tougher deal by naming his recent flop Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola. A film that nobody really understood, Matru... is a classic case of going wrong with the first step itself - the film title No wonder it bombed
3. F A L T U
When a title ideally indicates an abbreviation, we conveniently choose to ignore the stops and read out the word in entirety. And thats how the makers intended to keep it anyway F.A.L.T.U that means Fakirchand and Lakirchand Trust University in this 2011 dud, it saw Jacky Bhagnani and Puja Gupta in the lead. A cliched high school dramadey, F.A.L.T.U was titled so to make it more appealing to its young audiences, but failed miserably
4. Toonpur Ka Super Hero
So where is this Toonpur? Really, where is it? It is not us but the little children, who are asking this question in utter annoyance. A 3D film starring Ajay Devgn, which did not even appeal the younger lot, has only one thing to laugh about. The title
5. De Dana Dan
With a dazzling starcast in the form of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, De Dana Dan is a typical Priyadarshan flick loaded with confusion and comedy. With so many of his films running on a similar theme, the maker was bound to run out of a suitable title, hence the disastrous name. De Dana Dan, which rightly means hitting someone repeatedly, the film only hit the audiences with a foolish story as this

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