Weird Business Ideas
The best new weird business ideas.
1. The Million Dollar Homepage
Alex Tews website made UD$ 1, 037 million in just a few months. He sold single pixels in a grid of 1000 x 1000 pixels for UD$1 each. Novelty value allowed him to sell the last spot for over US$38 000. The lucky recipients are now a part of history.
2. MySpace Tutorials
A high school dropout, Ashley Qualls, earns more than US$70 000 a day by providing layouts and free tutorials for MySpace. Qualls site receives more than seven million monthly visitors and 60 million page views.
3. Virtual Eternity
With this programme families can create digital clones of each member to be preserved in an interactive time capsule for future generations. The company hopes to give the gift of immortality while allowing future generations to connect with their roots. It is yet to be seen if people will accept this somewhat creepy technology.
4. Virtual assistant
This business allows people to delegate the work associated with online dating to someone else. Everything from picking the correct sites to the arrangement of facetoface meetings can be organised by your assistant. The owner now earns a six figure income.
5. Toilet training for cats
CitiKitty sells toilet training kits for cats so owners no longer have to deal with litter trays. Their kit includes a toilet training seat suitable for all cats over three months old.Their revenue is in the millions and they boast eight years of positive reviews from customers.

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