Weird Business Ideas
The best new weird business ideas.
16. Wishbone equality
Have you ever been disappointed at a family gathering because you missed out on the wishbone? Never fear, because The Wishbone Co produces plastic wishbones so everyone can make a wish. They have already generated over UD$ 4 million in sales.
17. Dear Santa
Santa Mail sends personalised letters to children from Father Christmas. Letters are even mailed to St Nicholas Drive in Alaska. Since their start in 2002 the business has made over US$3 million.
18. Hangover Helpers
Two college students charge clients to clean up the mess from a party the previous night. They help people recover from their hangovers as painlessly as possible even arriving with breakfast. The students made a splash in the US featuring on numerous media outlets and have an endless supply of business.
19. The Smashing Place
This idea takes the concept of stress release to new levels. The business in Tokyo sells plates and cups to their clients for them to smash against the wall.
20. Online jewellery pawn shop
Josh Opperman started Now I do, Now I Dont when his fianc

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