Weird Fish
a limbless cold-blooded vertebrate animal with gills and fins living wholly in water.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Loch Ness Monster
While the Scottish Highlands have a history of having things appear out of the mist (is Brigadoon humor still in, or is 60+ years too much time?), it is the The Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie as weve come to know her, that has become the most popular Scottish Highlands mist dweller. The story goes that in August of 1933, the Courier published an article stating that a man had witnessed what appeared to be a dragon ... or at least, the closest thing he had ever seen to a dragon. Years passed, and evidence proving Nessies existence (including photographs, video and even sonar) mounted. Because of this evidence, The Loch Ness Monster has been neither confirmed nor denied though the scientists in the room may beg to differ.

Giant Isopod
The Tube Eye
Pacific Blackdragon
Ocean Sunfish
Atlantic Scombrops

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