Weird Fish
a limbless cold-blooded vertebrate animal with gills and fins living wholly in water.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
The Wolftrap Fish
The Thaumatichthyidae, or wolftrap anglerfish, may boast the most absurd overbites in the animal kingdom. Though the upper jaw is often several times larger than the lower one, it is also capable of folding in half lengthwise, forming a cage for the wolftrap fishs prey and allowing it to suck a meal down its throat. In every member of Thaumatichthyidae, a bioluminescent lure even dangles directly from the roof of the mouth.Like other deep-sea anglerfish, they have a parasitic mating ritual: the male fuses himself to the females flesh before shedding every extraneous body part.

Vampire Squid
Blue Ringed Octopus
Longhorn Cowfish

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