Weird Flowers
A Weird flower, known as a bloom or blossom, is the reproductive structure found in flower.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
The Black Bat Flower
With black whiskers reaching up to 28 inches long, protruding from a delicate, maroon black blossom, this rare flora is sure to catch your eye. Its flower can reach up to 1 foot in diameter, while standing 36 inches tall. With whiskers that nearly brush the ground, the unique plant, formally known as Tacca chantrieri, is said to resemble a black bat, hence its nickname The Black Bat Flower. Native to Southeast Asia, the flower grows from a large beautiful green foliage and favors shady, moist environments. And like many beautiful things, it requires quite a bit of maintenance. The Black Bat Flower can be quiet the diva regarding its environmental conditions. If it does not receive proper shading and good air circulation, the flower is likely to slowly wither. The plant also does not like being root bound, and it is kept in a container, must be re potted it every spring. Thinking about adding this high maintenance beauty to your garden? Well we havent even gotten to its soil requirements yet. As a picky plant, the soil mixture is the most important detail for the successful blooming of the flower. The soil should be light and porous, allowing it to drain easily. Additionally, gardeners must be careful to not let the plant get too wet, while also ensuring it does not dry out.

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