Weird Food
Any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb.
1. Century eggs
Rest assured, these rather misleadingly-named eggs arent eggs which have been stored for 100 years; theyre preserved for just a few months. But thats still enough to turn the yolk dark green and the white brown.
2. Fugu
There arent many meals which involve risking your life. One of Japans most notorious dishes is the fugu, or pufferfish, which can be lethal if its toxic parts are not correctly removed. Over 20 people have died in Japan after eating the fish since 2000.
3. Fried spiders
The Cambodian delicacy of fried spider is something of an acquired taste. These little chaps are tarantulas, served with a lime and black pepper dip in the Phnom Penh restaurant Romdeng. According to Clive Graham-Rangers book with Luu Meng, Cambodias Top Tables, the restaurant serves over 200 a week.
4. Witchetty grub
Probably high on the list of things not to tell your mother you did on your gap year is snacking on a witchetty grub, an Australian term for the large white larvae of several moths. They were traditionally foraged by Aboriginees.
5. Shiokara
If you turned up your nose at liver as a child, youd better look away now. Shiokara is a Japanese dish made from marine animals such as squid which are fermented in their own viscera. Its no wonder that its often gulped down and followed by a shot of whiskey.

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