Weird Hotels around the World
an establishment providing accommodation, meals, and other services.
1. Mandarin Oriental
Hong Kong, China
The 130 year old Mandarin Oriental provides the perfect balance between East and West. High-tech wizardry next to old world charm and ambience. The floor to ceiling windows provide a stunning view of Victoria Harbor. The hotel prides itself on incredible service and even better food wonderful modern French cuisine at the Pierre and legendary breakfast buffets.
2. Trump International Hotel and Tower
New York, United States
Designed by Philip Johnson and Costas Kondyli, this super modern 52-story high rise is a Forbes five-star hotel with style to spare. Huge floor to ceiling windows provide an incredible view of Central Park. Features a five star French fusion restaurant on the main floor.
3. Langham Hotel
London, England
Victorian high society pristinely preserved, the 150 year old Langham is considered Europes first Grand hotel with classic luxury to spare. Thanks to a $120 million renovation it has lost none of its charm. Features an incredible indoor pool located in a former bank vault, glamorous Artesian bar, and fantastic modern European cuisine at Roux at The Landau
4. Soho House Berlin
Set in an fabulously restored 1928 Bauhaus building, this sexy eight floor hotel has 40 individually designed rooms all with unique amenities. Features the Club Floor restaurant, Cowshed Spa, a rooftop pool, 30 seat movie theatre and famous Red Room resting space. The only problem with this magnificent boutique hotel is that its for private members only
5. Hotel Amigo
Brussels, Belgium
Classic luxury art its finest. The 174-bedroom Flemish-styled Hotel Amigo in Brussels is the epitome of Belgian chic. Featuring Flemish tapestries and Surrealist paintings alongside characters from Tintin storybooks! For outstanding cuisine check out the incredible Italian and Mediterranean dining at Ristoranti Bocconi, cocktails at the wonderful Martini Club, and tea at Bar Amigo. The hotel was bought and refurbished by the Rocco Forte Hotel Group in 2000.

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