Weird Laws Around the World
The Most Weird Laws Around the World.
1. A location to die for
If you fancy a spot of eternal life, forget the Holy Grail: just go and live in the remote Arctic town of Longyearbyen, where dying is against the law. Actually, this is because it was found that bodies didnt decompose in the permafrost. The graveyard stopped accepting newcomers 70 years ago; so if you fall gravely ill there now, you will be hastily dispatched by plane to the mainland, where you can end your days without getting arrested.
2. I arrest chew in the name of the law
Ever thought that chewing gum could land you in jail? Well, in Singapore, it has been completely illegal since 1992. The only exception is nicotine gum, but even then smokers can only get it from a pharmacy with a prescription. Chewing gum is legal in New York, of course, but cinema owners there must chisel all gum off the undersides of their auditorium seats every month. Makes trodden-in popcorn seem positively pleasant.
3. The indelicate delicacy
The people of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia simply love the durian fruit, which looks a little like a cross between a pineapple and a porcupine. However, many local authorities have completely banned the consumption of this delicacy from buses, subways, hotels and airports. Is this yet another outrageous infringement of civil liberties? Well, since the durian is said to smell like a mixture of pig-droppings, turpentine and onions, maybe not, on this occasion.
4. Wheres that dessert trolley
When dining at a restaurant in Denmark, you dont have to pay for your food unless, by your own opinion, you are full at the end of your meal. A wafer-thin mint, sir?
5. Catch 22 customs
If you ever suffer at the rubber-gloved hands of a suspicious and painfully overzealous British customs officer, dont be tempted to take him or her to court no matter how innocent you are. Section 268 of the Customs Laws Consolidation Act 1876 rules that no action can be brought against such an official without one months notice. While Section 272 of the same Act insists that any action must be started within one month of the incident.

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