Weird Place Names
Weird place names are names for cities, towns,other regions which are considered non ordinary.
1. Bumpass
Thank the Bumpass family whose scion Jack Bumpass brought this hilarious town name into being and, thus, transformed this slice of the northeast corner of VA into an oddity travelers mecca.
2. Intercourse
In the heart of southeastern PAs Amish Country and the setting for the Harrison Ford/ Kelly McGillis flick Witness, it seems as though Intercourse is positioned to be the least likely place in America to live up to its name. That said, travelers be warned.Safety tip: Intercourse is less than ten miles away from Blue Ball, PA. So be VERY careful when setting your GPS, or else plan for an entirely more disappointing weekend away.
3. Fucking
Welcome to Intercourses more brazen sister city, 20mi north of Salzburg. Travelers tip: The village folk (population: 104) got sick and tired of English speaking tourists stealing their Fucking signage. So in 2004, after a vote to change the name of the town after 800yrs failed to pass, they decided to install theft resistant signs welded to steel.Tawdry travelers tip: Once visitors realized they couldnt easily rip up a route marker, they started filming themselves in the act in front of the sign posts. In 2009 the Fuckingers got tired of it and installed CCTV cameras. Be forewarned.
4. Gobblers Knob
The rural area a couple miles outside of Punxsutawney garners the worlds attention as much for its weather predicting groundhog as its vaguely hilarious name. Steer clear: The Knob may be a peaceful place for most of the year, but it should be avoided at all costs for the knobs that gather in the early morning hours each February 2nd.
5. Hell Norway
Believe it or not, the founders of this burg in southwestern Norway named it Hell after the Old Norse word hellir, which translates to overhang not the feeling you get from eating lutefisk. Burn in: Another place. Hells one of the colder places in the world; in fact, its actually frozen over a third of the year. Boom, tish.

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