Weird Plants
The weirdest plants are ones that grow in faraway places like the island of Madagascar off the east.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
New Zealand Tree Nettle
The New Zealand Tree Nettle is one of only two plants in the world that has killed a human just by the unfortunate act of walking into it. The monster plant is an enormous and super toxic tree version of the common stinging nettle, and may grow up to 15 feet tall. The well camouflaged plant is armed with unusually large needles that deliver a potentially lethal and also corrosive neurotoxin upon the slightest contact. Great caution when hiking is critical to preventing deaths. In one tragic documented case, a New Zealand Hunter was killed after brushing one of these terror nettles, causing nervous system shutdown through the acute venom effects. If death does not occur right away, potentially deadly polyneuropathy, a degenerative breakdown of nervous system pathways may occur over time.

Dracaena cinnabari
Giant Hogweed
Bears Head Tooth Mushroom
Welwitschia mirabilis
Dragons Blood Tree
Euphorbia obesa

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