Weird and Wonderful Amazonian Wildlife
there are many weird and wonderful creatures to discover.
1. The Strangest Creatures found in the Amazon
The Amazon is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, with one out of ten species known to science being found there. Looking beyond well-known creatures like jaguars, anacondas and, internet favourite, the sloth (pictured), there are many weird and wonderful creatures to discover. Here are 25 of the most fascinating.
2. Glass frog
Glass frogs are generally lime green in colour and some members of the family, like the one above, have translucent abdominal skin through which their internal organs can be seen.
3. Bald Headed Uakari
The bald headed uakari owes its distinctive red face to a lack of skin pigments and the plentiful capillaries that run under its facial tissue. It is currently ranked as a species vulnerable to extinction.
4. Surinam Toads
In one of the worlds most unusual reproductive processes, female Surinam toads carry their fertilised eggs embedded on their back. The larvae develop through to the tadpole stage inside these pockets, eventually emerging from the mothers back as tiny, fully developed toads. So now you know where they got the idea for theGremlins movie.
5. Bridal Veil Stinkhorn
These fungi may look as pretty and demure as a bride blushing behind her wedding veil, but their odour is appalling. The stink is used to attract carrion eating flies which can then distribute the fungis spores.

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