What to Eat in Andhra Pradesh
The biryani ,Pickles and chutneys, called pachchadi in Telugu are particularly popular in A.P.
1. Idli
most common breakfast in many households. The batter is usually prepared the previous night to allow it to settle. Idlis can be made in various shapes round and square!
2. Dosa
The sound of water sprinkled onto the pan is legendary! You feel hungry the moment you hear that . Unlike Idli, this batter can be prepared in the morning itself. Preparing the batter the previous night would result in the lip-smacking pullattu mostly savoured in AP only!
3. Upma
Another regular breakfast at many households perhaps because of the ease with which it can be made. Typically made with Bombay ravva a.k.a sooji or godhuma nooka (wheatlets) or with biyyam ravva (rice flour).
4. Gaarelu or Vada
This is the single most innovative design of a sheer genius. What else can he/she be called who came up with the idea to slowly spread the batter, make a hole in the middle and deep fry it in oil?
5. Poori
How on earth did the genius know that you can make both chapatis and pooris from the same flour?!

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