What to Eat in Haryana
The food consumed here is mostly vegetarian, with a lot of importance given to milk and curd.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Puda is very close to pancake from western cuisine. Puda is made by deep frying and tawa frying. In my home, Puda is done once a month for sure on Amavasya particularly. I do not know the reason but mom is used to do it and that is why everybody waits for that particular day to come to have these puda. It is cooked in breakfast.Puda is very popular on other festivals, but on other festivals it is deep fried just like pakodas. This puda is tawa fried and really easy and quick to do. In the authentic recipe, there is on baking powder added but I prefer to add the baking powder to make puda crispy. I add shallow fried dry fruits in the batter to make pudas but that also is optional. Also Puda can be made using sugar. For 1 cup of Wheat flour, 1/4 cup of sugar should be added. Here is the complete quick recipe to make the Indian sweet pancake or Puda.

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