What to Eat in Jammu and Kashmir
Find Your Top Choices for What to Eat in Jammu and Kashm for Free.
1. Rogan Josh
This is a lamb based dish, cooked in a gravy seasoned with liberal amounts of Kashmiri chillies (in the form a dry powder), ginger (also powdered), asafoetida (the Pandits use it in place of garlic) and bay leaves, among other things. Due to the absence of onions, yoghurt is used as a thickener, and also to reduce the heat and marry the spices in the gravy. This much loved dish is the most commonly cooked dish using lamb meat in Kashmiri Hindu cuisine.
2. Yakhni
Is a yoghurt based mutton gravy, which excludes the use of turmeric and chilli powders in its preparation. The dish is primarily flavoured with bay leaves, cloves and cardamom seeds. Its really mild and is considered to be subtle in taste.This is eaten with rice, and is often accompanied with a more spicy sidedish.
3. Matschgand
The Wazwan is Kashmirs most formal meal: a ritual serving before the guest of all the food there is in the house. This taste of hospitality must in turn be fully appreciated by the guest, for the wazwan is not a simple meal but a ceremony. Hours of cooking and days of planning go into the making and serving of a wazwan. Normally restricted to occasions of celebration at homes, the wazwan experience includes table settings for groups of four on the floor where choice dish after dish is served, each aromatic with herbs and the fresh produce of the region.
4. Qeleeya
There are many of us who are complete foodies and some may even embark upon special journeys to explore the cuisines of that location. India, being made up on thousands of ethnicities, there is a different flavour to every household cuisine and state cuisine. Kashmiri food also offers you a different taste that is sure to stay with you forever. Kashmiri cuisine is not only famous in India but worldwide. The special mix of herbs and spices adds a little something extra to the taste making it absolutely delicious. The ancient tradition of this area
5. Goshtaba
Goshtaba is considered to be

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