What to Eat in Punjab
A variety of Punjabi dinner cuisines; left to right: Aloo gobi, Seekh Kehbab, and Beef Karahi.
1. Sarson da Saag and Makki di Roti
Sarson ka Saag and Makki di Roti is the traditional dish of Punjab. It is the most popular winter dish of Punjabis. It is a highly nutritious because mustard leaves contain a lot of iron and protein. But at the same time it can be little high on calories if it is served traditionally with lots of ghee or butter. Along with mustard leaves, spinach is also added which further enhances the nutritional value and taste of saag.
2. Sweet Lassi
Lassi is the favourite drink of Punjabis. It is made from beaten curd and milk. It is a healthy drink as it does not contain any artificial flavours. It is usually served in tall steel glasses. A glass of thick and creamy lassi can be had with breakfast or lunch or even otherwise. It is believed that lassi induces sleep. So beware when you have it during working hours.
3. Butter Chicken
Punjab is known for the best chicken dishes, be it tandoori or curry chicken. One of the hot favourites of Punjabis is Butter Chicken.It is high on calories as it contains butter but it is a mouth watering creamy dish and impossible to resist. It is best served with butter naan.
4. Aaloo da Prantha
In Punjab, stuffed Prantha is a routine breakfast. The stuffing can be potatoes or cheese or cauliflower etc. Aaloo da Prantha is the easiest and the most relished one. It is cooked in loads of ghee and served with curd or white butter. So whenever you have it, count your calories for the day.
5. Rajma Chawal
Rajma is one of the favourite main course dishes of all Punjabis irrespective of age. It is served with steaming hot boiled rice called chawal. It is very popular for most of Punjabi families on weekends. Rajma is rich in iron and protein while rice is rich in carbohydrates. Therefore it is a wholesome meal.

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