Why One Should Visit Kashmir
Planning on visiting Srinagar in Kashmir, one of the top hill stations in India.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
When Should One Visit Kashmir
The best seasons for visit to Kashmir are also categorized according to the climatic conditions, as each part differs greatly in topography. For visiting Jammu the best season is October to February and for Ladakh it is mid June to September. During this period the weather conditions in Kashmir are at their best. This period covers three seasons in Kashmir i.e., spring March to early May, for enjoying spring visit Kashmir in early May. Summer early May to late August and autumn is September November. The blossoms of spring, the cool weather of summer and the GOLD and red hues of autumn all provide the peak season for Kashmir travel. This is the enjoyable time for the tourist who visits Kashmir for experiencing the treasures of nature. From December to early March is the winter season for Kashmir, when the entire valley wears a white blanket of snow. For those, who enjoy chilling weather and are interested in skiing and other winter sports this is the time to be in Kashmir. For them February is the right time to visit Kashmir. Otherwise the best time to visit Kashmir is during summers i.e. March to October.

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