Why One Should Visit Kashmir
Planning on visiting Srinagar in Kashmir, one of the top hill stations in India.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Gulmarg Gondola
The Cable Car ride, popularly known as the Gondola Lift or Ride is the special attraction of Gulmarg. It is located at a distance of 1km in the west of the Gulmarg bus stand. The managing authority of the Gulmarg cable Car ride is the Jammu and Kashmir State Cable Car Corporations.There are two divisions of the ride one is from Gulmarg to Kongdoori and the second one is from Kongdoori to Apherwat. It starts from an elevation of 2690 m above sea level and go up to a height of 3090 m. It finally reaches Kongdoori by passing over the wonderful pine forests below.The tourists enjoying the cable car ride get thoroughly enthralled by experiencing the magnificent sight of the greenery of the hilly terrains and the picaresque setting all around. The cable ride also overtakes the marvelous meadow of colorful flowers called Khilanmarg during its journey. One of the most popular attractions of Gulmarg, an extremely famous resort in the world, is the Gulmarg Gondola. This is the single cable car system in the whole of Asia that can go up to an altitude of 13,500 feet above sea level.

The French company puma had designed the Gondola as a part of a technical cooperation, and the JKCCC or Jammu and Kashmir Cable Car Corporation is now in charge of its operation. Phase I and phase II are the two stages of its operation.Every single Gondola comes with a yellow colored small cabin with a capacity of 6 adult persons. The cabins of the Gondola Ride are suspended with the support of high strength cables that are constantly moving. It takes two stops and slows down for the purpose of boarding and disembarking of the riders.

Chemrey Monastery
Hazratbal Mosque
Rangdum Monastery
Shankaracharya Temple
Nishat Garden
Gulmarg Gondola
When Should One Visit Kashmir
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