Winter Vacations Places
Best Winter Vacations. See which places our readers like the best.
1. Paris France
The world s most romantic destination is perfect for a getaway during winters. One can enjoy the vibrant festivities in the French capital apart from tasting Parisian specialities like Ladurée macaroons and wines.
2. Munich Germany
Munich has something for everyone when it comes to a winter vacation. The city, which is about an hour away from some of the best wintersports resorts in the Alps, offers exciting activities such as sledding skating. For people who like staying indoors, plenty of options, like concerts in palaces and museums, are available.
3. Czech Republic Prague
Prague looks incredibly picturesque during winters, making it an ideal holiday destination for those who love snow and natural beauty. The Charles Bridge (pictured), an iconic landmark in Prague, looks particularly stunning when covered in snow. Apart from all its physical and natural beauty, Prague has some great restaurants and pubs, which ensure that tourists have a good time.  
4. Tromso Norway
For a spectacular view of the northern lights, visit Tromso anytime from November to April. While the sight of aurora borealis is a rare phenomenon, one can also enjoy an exciting husky safari and go ice fishing.
5. Vienna Austria
Winter is a magical time to visit Austrian capital Vienna. One can escape the cold in the city s various coffee houses, enjoy an opera or ballet performance at the State Opera or enjoy the city’s night life.

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