worst animated movies of all time

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Worst Animated Movies Of All Time

1. Worst Animated Movies Of All Time
Movies are naturally made throughout time. Some are good, and some are bad. Animated movies seem to get the worst rap though, when it comes to talking about movies that shouldn t have been made. There are many of them out there that shouldn t have shown themselves in the theaters. They make you question everything when you re watching them, leaving the fun out of it and putting in more of a confused factor. These are the 12 worst animated movies of all time, you won t be adding these to your watch list anytime soon.
2. Hoodwinked
This is a general movie, but the graphics are low, the story line is low and the jokes and remarks that you find throughout the movie are there, and they scream at you loud and clear. They do not do them very subtle, which is what a lot of other children movies will do when adults are watching them. This is not a very unique movie, that truly speaks out on it s own account.
3. Final Fantasy
This movie brought graphics real close to realistic life. When you watch the movie, you cannot believe your eyes at what you re seeing, because they all look like real people and real things but it is not. However, the story line is one of the most confusing and you cannot follow along with the movie at all. You just sit there and watch how brilliantly close they are to creating real people without knowing what is going on!
4. Shrek the Third
With so many good writers out there, you would wonder why they decided to move forward with so many sequels of Shrek. They thought maybe it would be the next best thing but it is not Frozen, and it definitely didn t get that popular. So why did they keep the sequel train going with the third and so on, and so forth. No one wants to keep watching his kids, and kid s kids.
5. Kiara the Brave
Though we all liked movies that are animated and you see one, so you have to see another. Well, this one can stay right off of your list of movies to watch when it comes to animations. It is just plain bad. It is a spin off of the movie Brave, but set in a different time period and the plot is just a bad one that you cannot really follow along with. Not much fun for those of us wanting good story lines.
6. Disco Worms
No one is really sure why this movie was made in the first place. None of the voices for the worms sync up to the mouth movements, along with the moves of their bodies. The story line is one that falls behind and leaves a lot to be desired when you watch it. It is a movie that it going to make you wondering what the heck was going on and who thought of such a story in the first place? Bad graphics, bad voices and a bad story line that you have to try and follow along too.
7. FoodFight
This is supposedly a children s show, but with all the crude humor in it, you wonder if it really is made for children. There are a lot of different products in it as well, which means that so many people have their products sponsored in order to get others to notice them. Some voices include Hilary Duff and Charlie Sheen, so you would think that maybe they would have some sense in the movie that they choose to voice over, but we guess they do not care.
8. The Swan Princess Christmas
This movie was originally made in English, though you cannot tell with how bad the voices are synced up to the mouths of the characters. Not only that, but they are so poorly put into the picture and thrown together that some of them are actually somewhat scary. You can tell that money and effort was a problem for this movie, since they did not put a lot of either into the making of the film.
9. Titanic The Legend Goes On
This movie was poorly thrown together, with some of the actors not finishing their lines. They say what they have to say and then their mouths hang open and wait. Not only that, but there is stock footage that is oddly placed throughout the movie causing you to consider whether or not they did any work at all to put the movie together? There is not much good that goes into this animated film, even the story line which was mostly stolen, sucks pretty bad.
10. The Dolphin Story of a Dreamer
This looks like someone that doesn t know how to use 3D software and they put this movie together for the first time using it. Not only that, but the storyline is not very good and the movie is not really known throughout the market. If you ask a kid, they probably do not even know what you re talking about. It wasn t very good, and it didn t get very far when it came out so there is really nothing for you to see here.

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