Xmas Activities For Kids
Xmas for kids is one of the most special times of the year, We have many Xmas activitie for kids.
1. Make pine cone decorations
Collect pine cones, dry them out and then decorate with either glue & glitter, white paint with glitter mixed in, spray paints.
2. Make a mantelpiece Christmas
You will need 4 white church style candles, candle holders, then assorted holly or other greenery, ivy leaves are nice too, set up the 4 candles along the mantelpiece and wrap the greenery around the candles. Decorate with bits of tinsel or glitter to make them sparkle. Light a new candle on the 4 Sundays before Christmas.
3. Make delicious things for Christmas presents
Here are some fun food gifts to try. Of course youll need to make a few batches to practice and test before you do the real ones.
4. Make Santa Ornaments
Perfect to dress up your Christmas tree. This cute lolly pop stick Santa ornament is made out of only a few items (8 miniature lollypop sticks, red, while and flesh coloured paint, cardboard, and some string), but the result is absolutely amazing.
5. Make Christmas Trees as gifts
Use paint, lolly pop sticks, and a few decorations to make this lovely Christmas ornament craft to give as a gift to family and friends. This is a great project for a winters day.

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