Xmas Lights
Christmas lights are lights used for decoration around Christmas.
1. Wall Tree With Felt Star
These ideas will have your whole house glowing for the holidays. In a childs room or a hallway, a string light tree is as festive as an evergreen. Use adhesive hooks to hang mini lights adorned with felt star ornaments that twinkle.
2. Outdoor Hanging Snowflake Ornaments
Hand twist rope lights, using our template as a guide to create glimmering oversize ornaments. Hang them from their cords (disguised with ribbon) at varying heights along a porch or under the eaves of the house.
3. Winter Fence
Extend the season for garden edgers by stringing them with lights to accentuate their curves and then lining a walkway with them for a welcoming look.
4. Winter Flowers
These flowers brighten the coldest of winter nights.
5. Stars
Bring a bit of the heavens down to snowy earth with stars fashioned from ordinary garden stakes.

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