Xmas Party Games
Xmas Party Games that will add some fun to your party.Includes small and large group holiday party. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Pin the Nose on Rudolph
This is a Christmas version of the much loved classic childrens game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey.Brown paper or card for Rudolphs face Dark brown, black or red card for Rudolphs horns Scrap of red card or a large red pompom for his ose A black felt tip or marker Sticky tack Print out our printables and use them as a guide for cutting out a large Rudolph to attach to a wall or door. You will need to enlarge them substantially. Draw on his features and put a small black cross where his nose should go. Cut out a nose from red card and attach a large piece of sticky tack. Now blindfold your children, turn them around 3 times, and ask them to pin the nose on Rudolph

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