Xmas Party Games
Xmas Party Games that will add some fun to your party.Includes small and large group holiday party.
1. The Amazing Holiday Maze
Here is a great way to get your childs party started. Purchase a ball of string or yarn for each child who will be attending the party, and tie a small prize to the end of each one. Hide the prize somewhere, and then unwind the ball of yarn completely around the room, passing it behind furniture, under table legs, and around banisters as needed. Tie a pencil to the remaining end of the string. Repeat this process for each ball of yarn that you have, crossing the strings amongst one another. When the children arrive, hand each one of them a pencil (with the string attached), and let them know that, at the other end of the string, there is a prize. They should wind the string around their pencil until it leads them to the end.
2. Mystery Stocking
Fill a stocking or sock with a collection of mystery items, then pass the stocking around the circle, letting each child guess what is inside. They may shake the stocking, smell it, or simply feel the shape of what is inside. We suggest filling the stocking with simple party favors that the children can keep (if they guess correctly). Consider including crayons or sidewalk chalk, wind up toys, a toy car, small stuffed animals, a ball and jacks, or a pack of cards.
3. Holiday ABCs
Give each child a piece of paper with the alphabet written vertically from A to Z. They must come up with a holiday word that somehow relates to each letter. You may want to set the children up to work in teams if it is too difficult for them to work individually. The first team to complete their list wins a prize. Some of the words they come up with may seem like a bit of a stretch, but that just adds to the fun.
4. Do You See What I See
Have two children sit in front of the group, back to back. Give one child a holiday object (like an ornament), and give the other child a piece of paper and something to draw with. The child with the object cannot say what the object is, but he or she must describe the object so that his or her partner can attempt to draw it. The quality of the final picture obviously depends on how well it was (or was not) described. An alternate version of this game would be to give the two children two trays with the same objects. The goal would then be for the players to identically arrange their trays without looking at the other persons tray or naming any of the objects.
5. Santa Doesnt Say
Purchase enough Santa hats for all of the children at your party. Before they arrive, pin the name of a holiday character to the top of each one. Put a hat on each childs head without letting them see the name on the hat. Have the children move throughout the room, talking to one another, and asking questions to try to guess their identity. The first person to guess who he or she is wins the game.

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