Xmas Tree
A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer such as spruce, pine.
1. Tree a Contemporary Update
Contemporary Christmas decorating schemes often allow the natural beauty of the tree to stand out. This tree skips the lights in favor of bright, clean lined elements, including wooden birds and balls, as well as a paper garland that mimics the modern shapes.
2. Use christmas lights
Lights are one of the best ways to decorate a Christmas tree; they can be used subtly or for more dramatic effect. In addition to the bright lights, this tree features an unusual collection of colors as well as a standout tree topping star made from palm fronds.
3. Decorations on Your Christmas Tree
Christmas trees are a great way to display handcrafted items. This tiny tabletop tree nearly overflows with made from scratch decorations, including handmade bows and paper and clay ornaments (a fun project to make with kids).
4. Use fewer decorations
Some varieties of Christmas trees provide dramatic focal points, such as this fir with sparse branches. To decorate it, carefully choose a few artful decorations, including white lights, silvery garland, and oversize stars.
5. Give classic decorations
Traditional decorating styles dont have to be stodgy this classically inspired collection includes old style ornaments with some contemporary twists. Patterned ornaments, draped ribbon, and metallic pinecones are the perfect fit for this tree.

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