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Can I use any HTML in the box?
Yes. Any HTML tag that your browser supports will work in the box. So you can carry tags from chapters to
chapters and mix and match..

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  • What is a
    tag in HTML?
  • Write a code to change the color of the background or text? Explain the elements involved in it.
  • What are the different ways to use different colors for different links or same link?
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  • Should I put quotes around attribute values or not?
  • How do I create a link?
  • How do I keep people from stealing my source code and/or images?
  • What is the sessionStorage Object in html5 ? How you can create and access that?
  • What are the various text formatting tag in HTML?
  • Differentiate different types of Doctypes from one another?
  • How to add helper plug-ins on the webpage using HTML?
  • What are the different types of frames tags used in HTML?
  • How to upload files using HTML to website?
  • How to update two frames at the same time using HTML?
  • How do I get my visitor's e-mail addresses?
  • How do I make a table which looks good on AOL and Prodigy?
  • Why is my binary file not downloaded, but shown on the screen?
  • How do I use an image instead of the standard submit button?
  • How do I get a counter?
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